Friday, January 29, 2010

Murphy's Law # 56

Just when you feel inspiration to create an adorable new dress... your iron will catch on fire! UGH!!!

That's right...this morning I was all ready to start sewing again after weeks of not touching my machine. I've been so busy getting lesson plans together and organizing my homeschooling ideas that I haven't had time to even go near my machine. Then just this morning inspiration strikes and I have "an idea" and I can't wait to get started on it. I carefully choose my fabric and then go to press it before I start cutting and all of a sudden a flash of fire shoots out from where the cord attaches to the actual iron and a flash of bright light. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Of course my first thought was...."no, don't burn my treasured fabric" It was one I had been saving for a special dress and I would have been crushed if it was ruined. Thankfully, not a mark on it. I immediately unplugged it and put it someplace safe, but, I can't sew! I will have to wait until this evening when I can run out and get a new one, but of course we have a major snowstorm heading our direction...Oi!

So, the iron that exploded was a Rowenta and in it's defense, it had lived a very full life, but now I am in the market for a new iron. I really liked my Rowenta, but was wondering what your opinions are and if you have any suggestions?



Goosegirl said...

DAWN!!! Oh my!!
And a major snow storm! Yikes! I am so glad our snow is melting. I am sick to death of snow, but I know we will have several more storms this year and plenty more snow. yuck.

I am so sorry about your iron.
I had my beloved first Rowenta for 20 years before it bit the dust. I used a basic vintage type Black and Decker for a few years, but it spit and poured out boiling water in very inopportune moments, scalding the daylights out of me.
For Christmas, Don got me a new Rowenta and I am soooooo happy. He got me the DX8900 and I LOVE IT! No spitting, no auto shut-off, big reservoir, not super light but not too heavy either. Perfect!

Can't wait to see the new dress. No sewing for me today as I have to take India to Sacramento for a hospital appt. I will have my cell phone with me for the long drive down the hill if you want to chat.

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you (and your fabric) weren't hurt!
I love the classic heavy metal iron from Black and Decker. I buy them at estate sales mostly but you can buy a modern version of it as well.
Whatever you decide, buy a cheap back up at the same time so you won't be iron-less!!! :)

Jennie said...

I have three classic 1950s heavy weight (2 for back up because I love them so much!), cloth corded irons. This was after going through 2 Rowentas. I picked them up on eBay and etsy and I just LOVE them! They get HOT and are HEAVY! I use them with Best Press. The only real negative is that there is no auto off. I have had to be super aware of that. Of the three brands I own, this one is my absolute favorite!

April said...

So, what kind did you get? I had to break down and get a Rowenta (I did a long search on reviews on Amazon to make sure of which one I should get.)

Dawn said...

Ole brought me home a new Rowenta last night, and it's a beauty! I've been using it all day today and it's a dream. Thanks for all your suggestions.


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