Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Totally Hooked!

Last week I decided to get the Wii Fit! My neighbor friend Shelly and I have decided to try to shed a few unwanted lbs. before the weather turns nice again and we want to start wearing cute spring clothes. She had gotten the Wii Fit for Christmas and was telling me how unbelievably fun it was so of course I had to get one and check it out for myself. Needless to say.... we are having an absolute blast with the thing. Who knew that working out could be so much darn fun.

The kids and I are scrambling to have more time on it and the boys and I have several competitions going on right now for high scores in our best games. Who knew that I could be an amazing ski jumper, hoola-hooper, kung fu fighter and snowball thrower! But the best was the other day when I got the latest high score on "Birds eye bullseye" and Abby started jumping up and down saying "Mommy...you are a champion chicken!" Oliver maintains the ultimate high score on blocking soccer balls and Elliott rocks at boxing! Abby on the other hand is much happier doing her yoga.

This amazing gadget is a must have! I've already lost a few pounds and I'm having a ball doing it!



Celeste Lux said...

Santa brought this for our kids for Christmas....and I spend an hour on it everyday working up a good sweat. It's very fun, and doesn't really feel like exercise at all. I would like to loose weight, but if I just get some much needed exercise everyday It's worth it. Who Knew?

Annette said...

I love mine too!! I'm the hula hoop champ in our house, LOL!

Beth said...

I love ours too, but I've gotten really lazy - I'm not sure it would recognize me anymore! haha. I really should get back into the routine.

April said...

Yep - we're Wii Fit fans, too. Although I'm still a Chickadee, Spring Chicken at best... but I rock at Jack-knifes and the Obstacle Course! ;)


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