Saturday, January 16, 2010

What A Week!

Sorry, I've been a little scarce these days but it's for a very good cause. Oliver is now officially being home schooled too! 4th grade has been very difficult for him. Not academically, but more with his peers. Oliver has always been a great student and loved learning but this year that has been challenged and because of this we had made the decision to start homeschooling him this coming Fall. However, there was an incident at school right before Christmas break that changed everything and since then we saw a dramatic change in Oliver. Our sweet, fun loving boy was miserable and not enjoying school at all anymore. This week was the straw that broke the camel's back for Ole and I. On Wednesday, Oliver came home from school and was devastated. He shared the details with Ole and I and in an instant we knew what we had to do. So, on Thursday morning I marched into school and withdrew him from public school. So, it's official I am now not only a preschool and a 2nd grade teacher but now a 4th grade teacher too! I wonder how long before I will add kindergarten teacher to that list too. Currently, Abby is doing okay. However we do know that after kindergarten she will also be home schooled. I have to say on Thursday when I was at the school withdrawing Oliver it took every bit of energy not to run down to her classroom and grab her too. I can't wait to have all my babies back home with me where they belong.

Yesterday, Elliott and I introduced Oliver to his first day of home school and he is already hooked. After having a yummy lunch together we did some math, then all snuggled together on the sofa and read and chatted about what we read. Afterward each of the boys trotted up stairs and read from one of their favorite books and then we all played outside before it was time to go get Abby from the bus stop. During dinner the boys anxiously shared with Ole what they had learned and then asked me to read some more to them from the book we had started earlier in the day about the history of the world. Last night Oliver came to me and gave me the biggest hug ever and looked at me with those big blue eyes and said "Thanks mom!"

nuff said!



Goosegirl said...

Hi Dawn, I am glad you made the decision that works for your kiddos and for you and Ole. I, too, would not be surprised to hear that Abby decides she wants to be home with you all. Why miss all the fun at home? But for now, you have an all boys school! heehee!! Enjoy your precious time with your sweet boys. It is so fleeting. Have a wonderful weekend.

Karen said...

Good for you Dawn!!

Cathy said...

If I were at home, instead of working, I would LOVE to homeschool!!!!!! You are so fortunate to be able to do that with you wonderful family! I know its a lot of hard work on your part but will be well worth it!!!

April said...

Bless his heart!


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