Thursday, December 10, 2009

Starting To Think About Spring

I know...I know...what the heck is she talking about. No, I haven't lost my mind, I am actually starting to plan ahead for my Spring/Summer pattern collection. Thanks to so many of you my patterns have been very successful and I am already thinking ahead for fun new pieces for you to add to your little ones wardrobe for next year. Yes, amidst the chaos of Christmas with our holiday preparations in full swing I have been busy plotting and planning what cute things I want to add to my pattern collection.

Today I have been busy working on a new design which so far I am loving. I have to wait for Abby to get home to try it on her to see if my idea works or not, but it has potential! I also think I am going to bring back "Abigail's Pinafore"! So many of you have requested it, I think I am going to pull it out of the attic, revise it slightly and add to to my line up. I have a bunch of really great ideas so keep a watch in the shop for the Olabelhe Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.



Amanda said...

Cute!!!! IF you need testers, let me know. ;)

Goosegirl said...

YAY! Is this the one that is the wrap? I hope so! I loved that one.

I am glad to see you posted again as I was worried about you. This new pinafore is darling!

Bella said...

I be waiting for your next creation...I sent you a pictue yesterday...

Beth said...

Can't wait!!!


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