Monday, November 30, 2009

What's Black & White and Red All Over?

A new jumper for Abby!

Before school started I went a little nutty at Gymboree buying school clothes for Abby. I know exactly what you are thinking..."Abby needs clothes like she needs a hole in the head!" and you are right, but I still got sucked in! They just have the cutest stuff for little girls, and she did need some basics...

Anyway, back to the story. Abby absolutely fell in love with one of their lines called "Holiday Panda" and we bought "many" things from that group and she loves them. However, as she so correctly pointed out "Mommy, we didn't buy a dress!" Hmmmm...I think we can fix that! I decided to use my latest pattern "Jillian" to make a jumper for her. That way, I would have yet another sample and I could test out this design using baby wale cord. I went digging in my stash and found perfect fabrics to make a jumper that would go perfectly with her other Panda stuff. I embellished it with black and white ribbons and appliqued a panda on the bib of the jumper.

I worked on it all last night while the kids were sleeping and Abby hasn't even seen it yet. I have to wake her up for school in a few minutes and I hope she loves it! I can't wait until she sees it and hopefully she will want to wear it to school today!

Note: "Jillian" is still out with my testers and hopefully will be in the shop very soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!



Goosegirl said...

Dawn, this little panda dress is so cute! I love the colors and it says Holiday without limiting you to just Christmas. Very, very cute!

Karen said...

Love it!!!

Beth said...

Yours is so cute! I did a corduroy dress for my niece for Christmas and it was definitely harder to do the hand-pleating, but so worth it in the end.

April said...

It looks like red corduroy, yes? Don't you love getting inspiration and making your own?!! I did that last year with SweetPea's Christmas dress - inspired from Hanna Andersson.

Anonymous said...

Love it is so gorgeous..Yesterday I get some panda fabric for a new dress..



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