Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Official....She's A Natural!!!!

Ahhhhh.... a super proud sewing mommy moment. Yesterday Abby received her very first sewing machine from "Santa". It was the very first present that she opened and the moment that she saw it her little face lit up and she said..."Look Mommy! Now I can be just like you and we can sew together!" my heart just melted. Abby got the perfect little machine it's a Hello Kitty machine from Janome. It's the perfect size and just the right machine for her to learn the basics on. All day yesterday she pleaded with me to teach her how to use it but with all the other chaos of the day I convinced her to wait until this morning. No, big surprise...the first thing out of her mouth when she woke up was "Can we sew now?" she really is my daughter! So after breakfast I got her set up and explained all the basics. She practiced lifting the presser foot and setting it down gently, I taught her how to wind the bobbin and then how to thread her machine. However, I am sure with all the excitement I will have to go over it with her a few more times. Then it was time for her first lesson. She sat in front of her machine with a piece of pink felt and she carefully placed it under the presser foot and I told her to gently press on the foot pedal. The look on her face was just priceless...and I know that feeling. She practiced making straight lines and turning corners and she's a natural!!!! Of course the entire time Henry was right there watching and then he announced that he wanted his own "Sewin'-sheen too!" Oh boy...project runway watch out....I may be breeding little designers here. Abby was in heaven the entire time and meticulous about her stitches and very careful to make sure she was sewing in a straight line. Later today I am sure we will practice some more. I couldn't be more proud right now...I knew it was the perfect gift for her!



Beth said...

What fun memories you'll be making as you sew together! Such a special gift.

April said...

Oh, I love it! SweetPea used to call mine a "Sewin-sheen" too!!!! awwwwwww..... very sweet little sewer-girl you got there!

Goosegirl said...

Woohoo Abby!!!

Ahnalin's has not arrived yet. She spent her Christmas money on the same machine.
I hope she uses her machine more than India uses hers. heehee!

Fine Stitchery said...

Oooo, Dawn!! One of the greatest joys of my life is sewing with my daughters!! They're in their 30s now but it still warms my heart to see them stitching and the beautiful things they create! And Chicago Daughter asked to borrow a 'few' Inspirations magazines when she was home last week! See what you're starting!
from Sparkle in Richmond

Annette said...

I learned from my mom and my daughter learned from me. I named my business So Many Memories because of all the memories with the two of them. My daughter is getting ready to start her business of custom designed clothing! Such a special time for the two of you!

Karen said...

I love it! Same exact machine Savannah has . . . of course I'm not nearly as good a teacher as you are :D Thank you for sharing the wonderful pics.

Martha said...

How adorable!!!!!!


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