Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Re-Creating My Childhood Memories

Growing Up was a truly magical experience in my house. My mom and grandma really went the extra distance to create special memories for my sister and myself when we were little. I will never forget one Fall when my grandmother brought out a special something she had made for our Thanksgiving table. She had found an adorable miniature cast iron stove with little pots and pans and she also had made beautiful little Corn Husk dolls to look like us. Then she also made a little braided rug to set the stove on and create the perfect little scene. Of course she didn't stop there...she even baked tiny little loaves of bread to put in the oven. I played with that little stove and those dolls for hours that year and for many years after that. I was always so excited when mom brought out the box at Thanksgiving time that contained all the pieces to create that little scene. Sadly, somehow that box has come up missing after so many years. But thanks to the internet and a few mouse clicks I have been able to find an exact replica of that little stove and all it's accessories. I also found a wonderful resource for beautiful corn husk dolls which have been added to my cart. I can't wait for these treasures to arrive and to set up the little stove and the dolls. I know a certain little girl who is going to have a blast with it....just like her mama did a long time a go! Now I just need to make a little braided rug just like my grandma did....There is nothing quite like keeping family traditions alive.



Tabitha said...

That is so sweet..my mom just sent me a box and in it was one of those stoves that I used to play with as a child they were so cool.

Kirstin said...

Wow! my grandmother had a stove just like that one. I too used to play with it for hours.
The corn husk dolls give me another memory though. One of my mother deciding one year that she was going to make them for christmas presents... OMG! What a mess.. that was a holiday filled with less then savory language! :) Please don't attempt to make them, buy them already done!
What great memories!

little dresses said...

That is so stinkin cute! I love it! My mama used to have a cast iron stove on our front porch and we would pretend to cook on it all the time...so much fun!


April said...

Can't wait to see Abby playing with it! :)

Heather said...

What a trip down memory lane---I had nearly forgotten about that dolls and one of my cousins or someone must have had one of those stoves as well. So glad you found them again.


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