Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 1st Day Of School!

Today was the first day of school for Oliver and Abigail and they were both very excited to be heading off to school this morning. I drove them and walked them to their classrooms and waved goodbye. Because today was the first day it was only a half day so I barely got home and it was time for them to come home. Sadly, the weather was not very cooperative and it was pouring out. Which is why Abby looks a little damp and ruffled in the pictures. When we got back home I surprised Abby with her Schultute and she was over-the-moon with excitement. She barely let me take pics before she was tearing it open and dumping out the contents. I loaded it with lotions and "lipsticks"(actually chapsticks) stickers, markers, pencils, paints, activity books, candy, webkins and beanie babies, a jump rope, sparkly sidewalk chalk, bracelets and hair clips, bubble bath and fancy soaps. I even tucked in new hello Kitty underwear and lots of other goodies. Needless to say she was in heaven!!! Well, we survived the first day of Kindy...let's see what tomorrow brings! Both Oliver and Abby said that they loved their teachers. It seems like we are off to a great start!



MaryAnne said...

I love Abby's outfit in this picture, and she looks thrilled with her Schultute.

Beth said...

Glad it went well for Abby! I smiled at Oliver's shirt - my school mascot when I taught was a roadrunner too.

Goosegirl said...

YAY!! Congrats to Oliver and Abby on great first days!

Abby's Schultute looks so cool!


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