Monday, September 28, 2009

My Loft Is Done!!!

Yeah!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am about my new sewing space. I stayed up into the wee hours building Ikea furniture and putting my loft together. Needless to say I am in LOVE!!!! It's really perfect. I still have a few little things to do's pretty much complete.

Wanna See?

I'll take you on a little tour around my room. In the center of the room is my new cutting table. I got the idea for this from Patty and I fell in love with it when I saw hers. So simple, it's just two Expedit shelves from Ikea turned on their side and then butted up back to back to create the perfect cutting table. Plus, look at all the amazing storage underneath. 16 perfect cubbies to put baskets, bins and boxes filled with all the goodies we sewers need. Plus, plenty of room on top to cut, draft and put patterns together.

Then their is my new sewing table...also from Ikea! Gosh, I love that place! It's absolutely perfect for both my sewing machine and serger with lots of extra space for more baskets of threads, baskets with current projects and other little sewing necessities. Plus, even more places to stow goodies underneath. Love it!!!

From there we move over to a simple white shelf which is filled with sewing mags, books, and all kinds of other treasures. Oh, look up on top. My poor naked babies who are in desperate need of me making them some new duds.

My desk was purchased at Ikea earlier this year and it's where I am able to sit down and talk to you, visit all of my favorite blogs and shop on line and get myself into trouble.

Finally... "The Wall Of Fabric!!!!" I's insane and keep in mind I just packed away 7 huge boxes which were filled to the rim. I couldn't even get all of the fabric in the picture...which is probably a good thing! The next time you hear me chatting about going fabric shopping please please remind me of "my collection".

Well, there is the quick tour. I am in heaven and really could sit up here all day and swoon but....reality beckons. A ton of laundry, dishes to do, not to mention all the other fun domestic goddess activities which fill my days. Plus, Abby is home from school sick today & Elliott and I have school work to do and on and on and on.....

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Amy said... I'll just say it!

Beautiful room and so many great ideas, I may need to copy! LOL

Enjoy your new sewing loft! It looks wonderful!

Trin said...

wow. color me jealous! Love that room, lucky you!

Tabitha said...

Very beautiful Dawn...really great much light!

Dorothy said...

Oh my!!! I just love it. You are so lucky.

Little Buttercups said...

AWESOME Creative Space!
Dreaming of my own space one day!

Leah said...


Leah said...


Goosegirl said...

Dawn! It looks great!
And you teased me about my fabric wall?????? I LOVE the cutting table with the cubbies.
And you even have room for a friend to fly across the country for a sewing visit! HAHA!

(I am going to go snuggle with my sick kids now. Yeah. Sick again. UGH!!!)

April said...

It looks so great, Dawn! I love IKEA, too - such a fun place!

rxclothing said...

I love your new space. It is fabulous....maybe someday.

Beth said...

What a beautiful space!!! I love IKEA too... I think the cubbies/ cutting space is a great idea.

Karen said...

Wow. Just . . .WOW! Would you come over and organize my room too? It looks incredible.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments. I can't wait to start creating in my new space!

mummy_chelle said...

This looks fabulous! I fell in love with your old sewing studio though. Hope it inspires you to make many more wonderful creations.


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