Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Trip To The Dr's

No, not for any of us. We are all fine, but my beloved "Sergio" aka my serger is not feeling well. "He" started acting funny before I went on my retreat and during the retreat he was completely out of sorts. Needless to say, I think his timing is off. So, am going to bring him into my Bernina dealer in the morning. Hopefully he wont be gone for too long as I will be grounded from sewing until he returns. "Bernice" aka my sewing machine is just fine and I can use "her" but I am so used to my beautiful seams that Sergio makes I can't imagine going back to the "Old fashioned" method of just using a zigzag stitch to finish my edges.

So, please excuse my lack of sewing for the next week or so until "Sergio" returns home. As a special treat, if he cooperates at "the doctors" I will have Al, their technician, treat Sergio to a new knife. I'm sure he would appreciate that. It's time for a new one anyway!

Now what to do for the next week or so????



Anonymous said...

You could use French seams and/or pinking shears. :)

Valinda said...

When my babies are in the shop I try to get their room deep cleaned for when they come home and I usually have 5 things all cut out and waiting to go!


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