Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Who knew that shopping for fun little girls shoes would be such a nightmare! Abby has crossed over into the "Big Girl" sizes and all of a sudden all the cute stuff disappears!!! Now it's all just ugly or stupid or waaaaaay over priced.

She loves shoes!!!

But keep in mind she is 5 so that means "pink" and "bling" and "sassy"! With school starting in just a few more days (thank goodness) I have been very busy making and buying her fall wardrobe. However, finding cute shoes to go with everything is turning out to be quite the challenge! I don't want to spend a small fortune on shoes because most of them she wears just a few times and she is growing like a weed and quickly outgrows them. I have been on-line and found a few places that sell really fun shoes and I am oh, so tempted to "add to cart"! But I want to see what else might be able to find without going bankrupt.

I absolutely love this on-line shop! Abby went nuts and said "Mommy, can we get all of these?" I think we may pick out a few pair here and call it good. If you have any great shoe shopping secrets for kids please let me know. I am especially looking for classic red little girl Mary Jane's. I found these and I will probably just break down and get them because I can't find any other ones that I like. Having a mini Ilmelda Marcos in the house is getting expensive!

Check these out!!! Abby is over the moon for these! What can I say...she is 5!

Update! I just found these at The Children's Place. Needless to say, I couldn't resist and they are on the way. Abby is going to flip!



April said...

This is my favorite shop for shoes. Hubby bought SweetPea and I matching pair a couple Christmases ago and they were DARRRRLING! Really, truly the real thing and super high quality leather.

When it gets to be cooler weather, I am ordering another pair for SweetPea because she's worn and outgrown her other pair. I can't bear to part with them either - I'm so sentimental. FYI: Hubby had to actually telephone her and ask her about children's shoes and YES, they do have them. Sweet gal who owns an old-fashioned shoe shop with mostly all saddles.

April said...
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Dawn said...

April you are such a tease...I can't get the link to work. HELP!!! Where are the red Mary Janes????

little dresses said...

OK These are my absolute favorite shoes on the planet! I usually get whatever I can vintage (thrift shops or consignment stores) but whatever colors I don't find I get in this brand You can find them cheaper if you look around but this brand is great and so timeless...


PS. I have every size up to Molly's size so when my new babies get here I'm all set!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Sam!

I went and checked out the shoes and I just love them! I also found a few others there that I really like. You guys are going to get me in trouble!!!

April said...

April said...

April said...

Samantha - those are my all-time favorite shoes, too! CLASSIC styling - love, love, love them!

Anonymous said...

With our many years of living overseas, I started shopping at J-Ray shoes. Their customer service is outstanding. If you know what size shoe fits your child well in a specific style, they can relate that size to other styles of shoes. (hope that made sense). My favorite shoe of all time... little red english sandals...sure wish they went up to larger sizes. It was a sad day when my youngest outgrew them.

I also like Pippytoe colorful and they don't break the bank (formally pipsqueaks). They have been a bit more challenging, but it looks like they are getting more organized. Their webpage is recently done. Here is a link to their website.


Sharon said...

OMG!!! Those shoes are DARLING!!!


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