Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Favorite Kind Of Day!!!

Seriously!!! I love rainy days...cool & gloomy, gray skies, and ominous clouds looming overhead. These are the days that I feel energized and get a lot done. Yes, I admit it...I am one of those truly odd people who doesn't like the sun...it's okay in small doses but day after day is a bit much for me. Summer is my worst time of year. I am the one who closes up all the curtains, shuts the blinds and cranks the AC. I only go out when absolutely necessary and even then it's to another highly air conditioned place. Of course living in southern VA is not an optimal place for people like me to live as we have very long, hot summers with tons and I do mean TONS of sun.

Yesterday was a perfect gloomy day and I was in heaven. I jumped out of bed in the morning and was ready to go. I did a bunch of deep cleaning, stripped the beds and did a ton of laundry, rearranged some furniture and it felt wonderful! Sadly Mr. Sun is back today...humpf. Time to close up all the curtains and shut the blinds again.

I really need to move to Seattle!



Amy said...

Glad you had a productive day!
I'm only productive when the Sun is out.. I would definitely not make it in Seattle! LOL

Kymy said...

Despite what people think we in the Seattle area do have quite beautiful summers with lots of sun shine. But yes we have rainy dreary winters. I wouldn't want to live any where else though!


Karen said...

I'm with Amy, I feel more energized when the sun is shining. The dreary rainy cold days make wanna go back to bed :)

Dawn, I would love to have some of your passion!! You're amazing!

Elizabeth said...

or to Grand Marais, MN
they have more cloudy days than Seattle!
but usually about 10 miles from town you can find sunshine - up over the hill, away from the lake . . .


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