Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Tradition Continues

I'm not sure if you all know or not but, my charming husband is from Germany. Full blooded, off the boat, German! We met when he was finishing up his Ph.D at MIT. We met under funny circumstances, became instant best friends and then went on to get married. 12 years, 4 kids and a lot of gray hairs later we are still best friends. During those years I have become fairly proficient in the German language, learned tons about German culture and we have proudly added many German traditions into our daily life. With our children being German-American we both feel very strongly that our kids grow up with a strong sense of both cultures.

One of those traditions is the Schultüte. In Germany when a child heads off to elementary school the are given a large cone filled with all kinds of goodies. Everything from small toys to candy and everything in between. So far both Oliver and Elliott have received their "Schultüten" on their first day of school and next it's Abby's turn. Over the next two weeks I will be very busy collecting all kinds of fun little bits and pieces to fill her cone. I already have plans to go to our local international shop to pick up some of our favorite German candies to tuck inside and Gummi bears are at the top of that list. I have lots of ideas for other surprises too and I'm pretty sure the major color that will be involved is pink!

Here are picture of both Oliver and Elliott on their first days of school with their schultüten in hand. Soon I will have pictures of Abby with hers to add to our family album.



Karen said...

How incredibly cool! Your kids are blessed.

pfarmwife said...

Wie schoen!

We lived in Germany for 3 years. I remember the neighbor children with their goodies. Have fun filling Abby's cone!



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