Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Abby's Over-Stuffed Closets

I've added a new addition to my blog, because of the absolutely insane amount of sewing that I do...and ALL the clothes I have made for Abby over the past two years I have decided to finally open up a "Sample Shop". I have so many things that I really need to purge to make way for new designs and of course bigger sizes as my little girl is going through a growth spurt and suddenly out growing a lot of her clothes. Most everything in the shop is a sample...worn once for photos and then put away. Such a pity as they are so sweet and they really need to go to other little girls out there so they can enjoy them instead of wasting away in the depths of Abbys closet! I will be adding new things to the Sample Shop from time to time. So stop by often to see what's new.

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