Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Planning A Sewing Retreat

After having such a fabulous time this past weekend, I'm thinking about hosting a sewing retreat for anyone who would like to come. Just imagine...a few days away from home in the countryside of kids, no darling husbands, no housework....just sewing...hours and hours of endless sewing.

The retreat center is located in Blackstone Virginia which is about an hour southwest of Richmond. We would have a large room and everyone would each get their own table. However, you would have to bring everything else you would need to work on your projects. Sewing machine, fabrics, iron/ironing board, etc.etc. You can sew round the clock if you like and not worry about a thing. All meals will be provided and you will have the choice of a private room or if you are coming with a friend you can share a room. It's up to you.

I'm also considering having a local quilt shop owner come and set up a mini on location fabric shop for those of us who might want to shop and pet pretty fabrics. I may also organize an area where we can set up and sell our unwanted fabrics/patterns/notions, etc. Like a little mini sewing garage sale. We may also have a show and tell time on evening where we can bring projects we have been working on or finished to share. The possibilities are just endless.

I'm planning to have it next spring but I need to get an idea of who might be interested so I can save the date and get a preliminary head count. So please let me know if you might be interested. There is a limit of 25 people, so spaces are limited.

I will be making up a brochure with all the details once I know there is enough interest. Please email me if you are interested in getting more information.



Karen said...

You know I'm in.

mummy_chelle said...

You are a tease!!!

I would LOVE to come but don't think I could sneak the airfare past hubby LOL!

Good on you though - sounds heavenly.

Amy said...

Wow! Where do you get so much energy from, woman?

I need some of what you're taking!! LOL

Anonymous said...

The Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA) national convention in 2010 will be in your neck of the woods... Norfolk. Might be a nice place to show your patterns and take classes.

Good luck with your weekend retreat. The idea of getting away and just sewing sounds heavenly!



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