Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Sewing

Well, I returned last night from my retreat completely exhausted after having had a FABULOUS time!! We had so much fun, lots of laughs, amazing people, great food and Not very much sleep. Oh well, I said to myself, "I can sleep at home". I was one of the first people to arrive at the Blackstone retreat bright and early Friday morning at 7:30. I instantly got set up and started my sewing marathon and I was almost finished with my first piece before most of the ladies arrived later that morning. This was actually a quilting retreat and I was the only one who wasn't quilting so I was a bit of a novelty. On Friday night we had "show-n-tell" which was great fun and almost everyone brought projects that they had finished recently and were anxious to share. I cannot tell you how amazingly talented these ladies (and one gentleman) are! I was completely in awe when I saw their amazing creations. A lot of people sewed into the wee hours and were up and at it again early in the am...myself included. Sadly the hours slipped away and it was over way too soon. Yesterday afternoon one by one everyone started packing up and heading home. I was sad to say goodbye to all my new friends but I am sure I will be seeing them all again soon. I've already marked my calendar and I am planning to join them again next year.

Here is a little sneak peek at all that I got done at the retreat!

The first dress/pinafore is actually my upcoming new pattern "Janey" with "Amelia" both I simply added length to and I opened up the back of Amelia and omitted the bubble hem. Super sweet, and oh, so classic! My mom picked up both of these fabrics for me in New York.

The second outfit is my new design "Sabrina" which is an adorable little A-line jumper with buttons down the back paired up with a little bubble skirt. Both pieces were done in vintage repro fabrics. Aren't those "Scotty Dogs" the cutest!?

The third is "Emily's Camisole" done up in some gorgeous fine corduroy that I imported from Japan with the sweetest Hello, Kitty print. Abby fell in love with it when I showed it to her. So I couldn't resist. I made another bubble skirt to go with this one...this time in chocolate brown cord.

Next, is another of my new designs "Camille" done up in fun retro fabrics in red and how this one turned out! Look at the perfect buttons I found for the back!

and...finally a sweet little smock that I am working on...that is yet to be named. So, if you have any great ideas I would love to hear them. It has big pockets and the sweetest little tie in the back.

Phew, Sorry this post has just gone on and on, but I knew I had lots of bloggy buddies that were anxious to see all that I accomplished on my retreat. Pretty good, don't ya think!



Tonyslady said...

wow just wow... sooo beautiful. Is the bubble skirt one of yours or a different patter? If it's yours do you plan on making that into a pattern? Also a suggestion for the last dress. "Maeggie" pronounced May-gee

Anonymous said...

Dawn, they are all so precious. Your daughter is blessed to have such a talented Mom. You dress her like a princess. Too cute!

rxclothing said...

Wow, you accomplished so much. That paper doll smock is my favorite.

Elizabeth said...

i LOVE the Camille! that one is just beautiful! the pattern and the fabrics. just perfect. :)

mummy_chelle said...

Man you did well! I have been waiting to see what you made and it is all gorgeous as usual. Love the smock and I can see it made out of flannel and cord for the winter here for kindy...

Amy said...

Holy Cow!! You are awesome!!
As usual - all so very pretty and the fabrics are absolutely yummy!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time!!

KJ said...

Dawn, Those fabrics are wonderful. I love the scotty dogs! Do you remember the Scotty Dog quilt that I made eons ago?
Glad you had fun!

April said...

Love, love, love Sabrina... I admit, it was that darling retro fabric that caught my eye! I hope you made these in Abby's size, so she can wear them for school. When does she start!!??!!

Sabrina said...

oh these are so precious!! I just love the bubble skirt. I am itchin' to buy a few of your patterns but I am not quite moved in to my new sewing room yet. So they will have to wait a bit until I am a little more organized.

My favorite though is that new one. What little girl wouldn't love to have some big pockets like that. I have a suggestion for a name too. How about Pepper or Molly.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments as always! The bubble skirt is my own pattern, but I will not be producing that one as my good friend Sam already has a bubble skirt pattern available and I refuse to compete with my friends! BTW, I love "Maeggie", "Pepper" and "Molly" cute cute cute!! and Yes, they are all in Abby's size, so she can wear them all!

Sabrina said...

Of course I love the "Sabrina" best of all! Everything looks lovely.

Beth said...

Wow! What cute stuff!!! I have to find me some cute corduroy and try it out with your patterns. I look forward to Camille, too!!!


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