Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Kids Crack Me Up!!!

Tonight we all piled in the car to run to Target to pick up a few things. As we were walking into the store a very nice looking man all dressed in a three piece suit said "hi" to us! As he rushed ahead Oliver looked at me and said "Mom, I bet he's a Lawyer" I giggled to myself and thought he's probably right. Then Oliver said ..."and I bet he came to buy bottled water!" I thought that was an odd thing to say but he must have seen it in a movie or something and I just laughed. The kids then started talking about lawyers in Target and some of their comments were priceless. As we were walking through the store we spotted our "Friend" again and indeed he was carrying a case of bottled water!!! I was in awe that Oliver nailed that one. So I said to him as we passed each other..."BTW, my kids have decided you must be a Lawyer" and he smiled and said they were right! I just about fell over. Oliver said said "See mom, I was right!" I smiled all the way to the car. The drive home was even better when they got into this deep discussion about what they think Lawyers do. The one thing that they said which almost made me pee my pants was that "all Lawyers drink water out of little glasses and when they do they stick out their pinky" funny is that!? I really need to write a book. Honest to goodness my kids say the funniest things sometimes, and most times they couldn't be more right! As we were walking into the house Oliver says "Mom, I think I would make a good Lawyer" I asked him why he thought that, his reply "I would look good in a dark suit with a red tie!"



Amy said...

Now that last remark by Oliver is just too precious! There's no denying that one, Dawn!! He knows what to wear and what looks best on him! LOL

little dresses said...

LOL! That is so funny!


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