Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am an "IT" Girl!!!

"It" as in....Internet Technology!

Last night Murphy's law struck our home and for whatever reason it decided to hit our computer! Our entire network just shut down for no apparent reason. Of course Ole is out of town, and he is our resident computer genius and has this house so wired it's amazing. I swear he chats with life forms on other planets when the rest of us are sleeping. Needless to say, the computer is just one of those things that's becoming more and more like water and electricity...you never know how much you miss it, until you don't have it. No email, no blogging, no checking bank accts., no world at your finger tips. The boys were freaking out saying "Mom you've got to fix this!!!" I spoke to Ole on the phone and he gave me a few very helpful suggestions and I thought to myself..."I can do this!!" with a bit of patience, and un-plugging and re-plugging, moving cpu's and tweeking a few things I did it!!!! I currently so proud of myself and I just got off the phone with Ole and even he said he was "totally impressed" if you could see the Sea of Cables and all the gadgets and gizmo's he has hooked to this thing you too would be completely amazed that anyone could manage to fix it. But I did!!!

Dawn- temporary geek-ette in charge!


mummy_chelle said...

Good for you! Every time the power goes out I get withdrawals from the computer. And it goes out often here LOL! I can't even fathom how to connect stuff up so I am in awe that you managed to.

little dresses said...

LOL! Congratulations my geeky little friend!


crystal_crtr2 said...

My husband apparently consults the same other worldly beings as your husband, because we have a similar sea of wires, cables and gadgets. You are brave to get back there and figure that mess out.


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