Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summertime Pj's

Abby asked for some "Summertime Pj's" the other day. I started thinking about how I wanted to make them and what would be cool, comfy and of course very girly. I woke up early this morning and decided to play with one idea that I had as a test. When Abby woke up I had her try them on and my heart just melted...she looked so stinkin' cute in them. Unfortunately, she is not a morning person and it was quite the challenge to get her to cooperate for even a few pictures. So I apologize for the less than optimal photographs of my latest creation.



zees5 said...

Wait! Stop! Don't toss those pictures. They are adorable candid shots. Just tuck them away for a couple of years and you will come back to cherish them - so much better than smiley posed shots.

Love the jammies. My daughter just asked me for some of these - do you have a pattern. izazbz at yahoo dot com ~Page

mummy_chelle said...

OMG they are gorgeous!

We had some similar that were from an extremely overpriced boutique store (hand-me-downs otherwise we wouldn't have had them LOL!) and they were made out of a really lightweight cotton kind of like a muslin. Very cool and comfy - especially when dd had a fever.

You should release these as a pattern - it would be very popular I think.

Dawn said...

Funny you two should mention that! I am planning to make a "jammies" pattern! So keep a watch in the shop!

April said...

That's so soft and pretty! Love it!

pfarmwife said...

Love 'em about a big girl size??

Warmly, (still waiting on Isabelle)

Anne K. in New York said...

SO darling! (both Abby AND the jammies!)

Dawn, I still haven't gotten my new serger fired up...I keep saying I haven't had the time, but I also haven't had the nerve, if truth be told...! I have a whole day at home tomorrow by myself, so I think I'll make myself sit down and get over my fear! You continue to inspire me!

Wendy said...

Oooh yes please, I have three girly girls who love to dress up in clothes mummy has lovingly made for them..... and then go play in the mud, at laeast with P.J's they might stay clean, maybe......


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