Saturday, July 11, 2009

How Cute Is This???

This morning when Henry woke up he spotted Ole's laptop out on the coffee table. He instantly went upstairs and got his "Pupu", as he call all computers, and brought it downstairs and set it up right next to his daddy's. He even insisted that I bring down one of his little chairs so he could "work". A few minutes later Elliott came downstairs and sat down with Henry and they have been playing together like this ever since....ahhh. These are those special moments that I cherish!

Please excuse the bedhead crazy hair!



MaryAnne said...

So sweet :)

Karen said...

Dawn this totally warms my heart. Noah does the same thing. He makes himself a "desk", puts pictures on it, puts his play computer on it and then goes and dresses up in a suit so he can go to "work" too. Isn't it unbelievably cool what these kids come up with?


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