Saturday, July 11, 2009

What To Do When You Are Stll Sick & Can't Sleep

Yes, I am still sick. In fact I had to take myself, Abby and Henry to the ER last night because things were not getting better. All three of us have upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, ear infections and conjunctivitis.....wheee! Hey, we don't get sick very often, but when we do, we do it up big around here!!!! Needless to say my ear was killing me and I couldn't breathe which made sleeping impossible. So, I sat up all night dreaming up new ideas for a Fall/winter line of designs. No, I didn't actually start sewing yet but I did make up some sketches and I am really excited about a few of my ideas. Let's just hope they turn out as well in reality as they did in my mind. Then I started thinking about fall colors and looked at my humungeous stash and realised that I need to do some shopping...Oh, darn!!! Most of my prints are more spring and summer and I need some more muted tones and atumnal colors.

With Abby heading off to Kindergarten this fall she is going to "need" a killer wardrobe. So, I had better get cracking. What kind of designer would I be if my little girl wasn't the best dressed kid in her class!? : ) So keep a watch for the Olabelhe Fall 2009 Collection!

and no, I didn't make the backpack! But I think I may just have to make Abby something like this one!!!


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