Saturday, June 27, 2009

Introducing... Peyton's Pinafore

I created this design a while back and I received a ton of compliments on it. I love it's sweet femininity and delicate little touches. Buttons down the back and a little ribbon sash that ties in a bow at the back. It looks absolutely adorable paired up with pantaloons too! That pattern will also be in the works soon. Abby and I went out to one of our favorite spots to snap a few pictures to show off how sweet this little pinafore really is.

Tonight and tomorrow I will be putting the finishing touches on the first draft to go out to my testers. I always have butterflies the week or so that testing goes on. Fingers crossed that there are no major disasters and that my fabulous testers can make sense of my directions. Once all the results are in I will make the changes that need to be made and then it will be in my shop for purchase. So keep your eyes open for the big announcement!!!




Kymy said...

I think this is a very cute & timeless!! Amazing as usual :)


mummy_chelle said...

As usual, gorgeous! You say you get butterflies when the patterns are at the testers but I am sure the testers have butterflies as they hope to do your creations justice! I know I do.

Richard did well. I love his second photograph as it shows the details on the hat and the back of the pinafore.

April said...

I think my favorite photograph is the one where she's looking over the fence with her back to the camera. Adorable detail of the top.

Jennifer Fraunfelder said...

Absolutely adorable. I love your work. You are totally amazing and your designs are just fabulous.


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