Sunday, June 28, 2009

Too Many Ideas & Not Enough Of Me To Go Around

Oh, if only my hands could keep up with my brain! Just this morning I was sitting at my desk working on my test patterns when a flood of new ideas came rushing into my head. Of course now completely distracted from what I should be doing I started jotting down notes and making sketches of my new ideas. I now have a list of about 17 designs that I would love to make into patterns to share with all of you.

Sadly, there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything I want to do, done. I could honestly make my clothing designing and pattern making into a full time job but it's very "challenging" when you have a home to maintain, meals to prepare and 4 great children who need lots of love and attention...not to mention a wonderful husband. What I really need is a few clones. A thought of which I am sure most moms out there have wished for from time to time. I would place an order for a small army of them. The gourmet chef clone, the wondermommy clone, the devoted wife clone, the homeschooling mommy/teacher clone, the domestic goddess/homemaker extraordinaire clone, the awesome friend and daughter clone, the designing clone, the sewing clone and the pattern making clone...just to name a few. If I could only just make up a pattern for those and create them myself. I can guarantee that would be my top seller! But the reality is there really is just one of me and I have to learn to juggle all these jobs and still at the end of the day find a little bit of time for me too.



April said...

You're so funny - I laughed at your image!

mummy_chelle said...

I smiled at the image too - BTDT!

But seriously take care of yourself ok. Have a bubble bath and eat chocolate. Do something that replenishes your soul and you will find a way to get everything done in the end.

ezeldabeth said...

i like your clone idea...i never thought of that one...i always just thought it would be nice to be able to stop time(for every else - there used to be a tv show)so that while everyone (and time itself) were frozen, i could get stuff done.

ezeldabeth said...

ok...the tv show (because i know you were curious) was "out of this world"


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