"The destiny of nations lies far more in the hands of women, the mothers, than in the possessors of power, or those of innovators who for the most part do not understand themselves. We must cultivate women, who are the educators of the human race, else the new generation cannot accomplish its task."

~ Friedrich Froebel

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remember "The Dream Dress"?

Well, this morning I decided to have fun with it and make it up, but in a much more modern way. It really reminds me of the 1920's flapper style, which of course, I just love! No lace, no frills and a bright and sunny print. I did trim out the bottom of each layer of the skirt with a coordinating fabric which is the same print that I made the pantaloons and the hat out of. Then I re-did the hat, but also much more scaled down and not nearly as "poofy" as the first one. So this one is much more in line with this dress. I have to say, I can't decided which way I like it better. I am contemplating if I want to make this into a pattern as I am not sure how much interest there would be in it. But I figured if I showed it done in several ways it might interest more people. I would love some of your feedback.



pfarmwife said...

I am interested! That is too cute! My Audrey would be adorable in that...keep us updated!


Tabitha O. said...

Aw that one looks totally great--I think you should make a pattern! If my girls were younger I know one of them at least would wear that...I like the modern colors and feel to it...another winning dream Dawn, just great!

Kymy said...

I seriously adore this dress! I like the more modern twist on it. I love dresses that can be made up fancy or dressed down to be simple!

Goosegirl said...

Well Dawn, you already know my thoughts on this dress. It is my favorite!! And I love the bright colors with it. Perfect!

Karen said...

Love this version and WOW does Abby look grown up in these pics!

Love the fabric you used. I just love everything about this!

Tonyslady said...

Love this version...and i think i like the less poofy hat even more then i liked the first one. Cant wait to be able to buy more of your patterns!

michal said...

This is adorable! both the dress and the cute hat. so cute!

Sahmy said...

Ooohhh, I like this version. Very sweet!

Jennifer Fraunfelder said...

I love this dress. I love both versions of your dream dress. Can't wait to see the pattern available for the dress and bonnet. Too Too cute. My Emily is so super excited and loves to see the photos on your blog. Awesome job.


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