Saturday, June 13, 2009

From Where I Sit...

I spent the better part of today right here in my studio. Among all my favorite things. Sewing treasures, hoards of fabric and all the things I need to be creative. I am always so inspired when I am in here. It really is my nest. I spent hours drafting, sewing, tweeking, more sewing, more tweeking, photographing and writing. All the steps that go into pattern designing. It really is a process and I am learning all the time. With "Kirstin" in the final steps before publication, today I worked some more on my next design. I have a very anxious group of testers waiting in the wings to start sewing and with a little luck I will soon have several patterns in my shop.

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Goosegirl said...

I can't wait Dawn!
I just posted a big ol' long post on my blog, but I showed the umbrella "Kirstin" as well as some pics of my work-in-progress sewing room. It is starting to take shape.

Thank you for the inspiration!


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