Saturday, May 30, 2009

Up Up And Away

This afternoon I took the kids to go see "UP", in 3-D of course! I thought the movie was cute, however my own personal feelings are that once again this movie was meant more for adults than children. Within the story there is a pretty serious message and there were a few scenes that were actually quite sad. There were only a few scenes that were actually funny. Overall it was good, but not at all what expected. A crotchety old man and a really annoying kid on an adventure together.

This movie is just one of many that we are really excited about this summer. The kids have made a list of all the great movies coming out over the next few months so I have a feeling we will be at the theatre fairly often. Some of the movies that we are really looking forward to are: Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs, Planet 51, Ice Age 3, Where The Wild Things Are and several others that I can't think of right now. Looks like lots of popcorn in my future!


Karen said...

We went to see it too but we loved it :) Noah was laughing LOUDLY through a lot of it.

We went just a few days ago to see Night at the Museum 2. This is more than we've been at the movie theatre in a year!! And we have a long list of movies we want to see too!

Beth said...

Not so excited about Cloudy...(looks too different from the book for me) but TOTALLY looking forward to Where the Wild Things Are! My son was Max for Halloween a couple years ago, and asks to see the movie trailer all the time.

ezeldabeth said...

we just took our kids (2&5) to see UP yesterday....i really wish that some of these companies would quit making movies to entertain adults and make some honest to goodness movies for kids...we really have to go and see all the kid movies before we take our kids to them (we went out on a limb and went without prescreening this one) and i HATE when they show all the funny parts on the previews :(

Amy said...

I wasn't excited about it either! IMHO - there were some really scarey parts that I didn't think small children would have understood or should have had to be BLASTED with the overal obnoxiousness of the movie!

This definitely will NOT be one we buy to watch over and over again!


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