Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girls Day Out!

This afternoon Abby and I decided to get out of the house and have a little "girl-time". We started our adventure by going to the salon, yes, mine is actually open on Sunday's and they were able to squeeze us in. Thank goodness, because I really needed to get mine cut and I thought Abby might enjoy a new style too. We had an absolute blast and all the ladies at the salon went nuts over her and spoiled her rotten with the royal treatment....she just loved it and asked "Mommy, can we do this every Sunday?" Oh, how I wish! It is so nice to get pampered once in a while. After that we popped into get a yummy smoothie to cool us down on this hot afternoon. Then as an extra special treat I surprised her with a trip to the beach so she could stick her toes in the cool water. Thankfully, I had my camera along. What a great afternoon, we will have to do this again very soon! I'm thinking the next time we go I let her get her nails done. I'm sure she would adore that. She really is such a girl!!!

Just a quick note: We also got matching haircuts. So, now we look even more alike.....if that's possible. Even, all the ladies at the salon were commenting. I'm not normally a matchy matchy kinda person but we both have faces that short, swingy Bob's look good on. So why mess with a good thing and Abby loves her new do!


MaryAnne said...

Sounds like a fun girls day out, and Abby's sundress is so cute!

Karen said...

LOVE the new hair :) I'd love to see YOUR new do as well!!

little dresses said...

You have to show us your new do! Don't just leave us hangin like that!

April said...

Ahem.... tap, tap, tap.... and not a word about that darling dress? And the pantaloons underneath? Did you make those?

And, duhhhh - of COURSE you have to show a pic of the two Bobs! (wink-wink)

Dawn said...

Yes, of course I made them! Aren't they cute??? About the pictures....hmmm. To be honest, I am a little camera shy. Unlike Abby!!!


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