Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Trip To The Farmers Market

Abby, Henry and I were all up bright and early this morning and it's a beautiful day so we decided to hop in the car and go over to the Williamsburg Farmers Market. You have to get there early or you can forget about finding parking as spaces are limited. When we arrived it was already bustling with activity. Lots of shoppers anxious to check out today's bounty. Abby and Henry were also very excited to see all the goodies. Pretty jars of jams and jellies, freshly baked breads and pies, every type of potted herb you can image, fresh seafood, honey, beautiful flowers and more gorgeous produce than you can imagine. I was in heaven. The kids had fun sampling gourmet peanuts and cookies, but by far the biggest hit with them were all the dogs. It really seems to be the "In" thing to have a dog and bring him/her to the farmer's market to show off. There were dogs of all shapes and sizes and Henry just loved them.

Afterwards we went for a little walk around Colonial Williamsburg to get out some wiggles and look at all the beautiful flowers. Abby absolutely loves the gardens. We got to see so many differnt varieties of flowers and I think she must have smelled everyone. We are so fortunate to live right around the corner from such a treasure.


Sharon said...

Dawn, your pictures are remarkable!

I'll be back in Virginia for about a week next month. If we end up in Williamsburg I'll give you a shout-out! Would love to meet the talented lady behind Olabelhe in person...if only for a moment! :)

Nicole said...

oh we need to go together some weekend before i move. maybe we could grab tiffeni too!! i should have gone today. we went yard sale shopping instead.

April said...

I love going to Farmer's Market!


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