Monday, May 25, 2009

A Little Visitor At Our Front Door

We had a little unexpected visitor"at" or maybe I should say "on" our front door yesterday. When I opened the door I saw the sweetest little nest tucked into our wreath. It's so perfect it almost looks like it was intended to be there. No sign of mama bird and no eggs yet, but the kids are so excited at the prospect of being able to see eggs and possibly baby birds. We now just have to be super careful when we open the door.


Anonymous said...

This has to be the cutest thing ever.What a true blessing from nature.I would suggest that maybe you place the wreath on the house as oppose to the door. this way maybe the bird would feel a little more comfortable leaving eggs there.

Karen said...

How cool! We had a robin build a nest on the kids' swingset. Very neat, and she laid two little blue eggs. However, we will be having the kids' birthday party in one month and all I could think about was kids trying to play on the swingset while momma bird pecked the kids to death trying to protect her babies. We moved the next to nearby tree.


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