Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blogging Can Be Contagious

As a part of our home schooling both Oliver and Elliott requested their own blogs. I sat down with Oliver the other day and designed his and he was thrilled. This morning Elliott and I designed his. Of course both of theirs have Lego themes and titles, but they are very different in their appearance. Each of the boys were very specific in what they wanted and they had each given a lot of thought to their design. We had so much fun creating headers and picking out fonts. What a fabulous lesson. My main goal in this is that it would encourage their desire to write. But I also realized they are learning so much more...graphic design, photo editing, and so on. They are both quite good at finding interesting sites on the web, and yes our computers are highly protected and we have the parental controls on max! So they are going to places that are age appropriate and safe. However, this is giving them a taste of how much they can actually do creatively on their computers. I really hope they learn to love writing on their blogs and also write some interesting stories. I am sure it will be a keepsake that they will treasure as they get older. They can go back to the beginning and see how much their writing and spelling has improved. They are also learning how to take more interesting pictures with their cameras, and more than anything I hope they have fun with it.


MaryAnne said...

My nephew blogs as part of his homeschooling, it's fun to read his six-year-old posts :)

Sharon said...

That is a FABULOUS idea!!! Although that would mean I would have to give up my own computer time? Hmmmm. ;)Guess we'll have to get another computer!

Amy said...

Sounds like great fun!
I've tried to get my 8yr to start a blog, but basically she's more interesting in actually writing in her journal.... She's my little nerdy girl!! (I'm not complaining!)

Oh, and I love the Button - great job!


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