Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Project

After all that dress making I needed a little diversion. A while ago I was at one of my favorite blogs and fell in love with her embroidery designs. Jenny had created the sweetest little collection of International dolls dressed in traditional costumes of their country. Of course the first thing that came to mind was to embark on a long term project of stitching all these little girls and creating a keepsake quilt for Abby. I was at Jenny's site Allsorts the other day and she was introducing the third set of designs and also announcing that she was retiring her first two sets in her shop and they would no longer be available. I instantly went to her shop and bought the first two sets and I will be watching for the third set to go into her shop for purchase.

For anyone who has never tried hand embroidery it is pure bliss. Sitting down in a cozy spot, relaxing and making little stitches on your hooped fabric to create a design. Yes, I are thinking..."Dawn, they have machines that do that for you now!" and yes, I know I own one. However it's not the same as doing it by hand. There is something really special about creating something by hand instead of just pushing a few buttons and letting the machine do all the work. I love all the little imperfections that say this was done by hand and that the person who created this took the time and patience to make this.

So I have begun, here is little Greit the Dutch girl she is just one in a set of 15. I will be very busy but this is a long term project. I am in no rush. This is something that will be a keepsake and that she will hopefully have forever.


KBriggs said...

Pretty soon i will be trying embroidery.
I love how it looks but i didn't have anything to guide me with. My hubby got an old sewing machine for me and in the drawers i have found a little booklet for embroidery. i cant wait to try it.
I might just ask you for some tips. ;D

Stephanie said...

That is going to be so cute and I totally agree about doing things by had. I love sitting on my couch at night with my husband and doing a bit of hand work.

April said...

I enjoy embroidery, too! The last embroidery I finished was hours before my grandmother died. I had sat at her side for a few weeks and embroidered vintage cowboy designs to use as quilt blocks. I still need to assemble the quilt, nonetheless. Embroidery always makes me reminisce my sweet grandma - it was she who taught me.

Sharon said...

What a coincidence. I was just thinking how I would love to start doing some hand embroidery! I have no idea where to start! If you have any suggestions - websites, books, etc. send them my way!

Dawn said...

Sharon, I highly suggest "Sublime Stitching" by Jenny Hart. It's a great book and she gives you all the "How To's" an a tons of designs to make. I would also highly suggest the Sublime Stitching embroidery designs. They have some fun and funky stuff that would be super cute additions to kid stuff or fun kitchen accessories. Let me know how your stitching goes.


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