Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Sewing

Here is just one of the things I sewed up over the weekend. It's just your basic peasant type dress but I had a lot of fun playing with lots of different fabrics in this one. All very sweet romantic floral prints in soft shades, perfect for spring and summer. I even made Abby a little head scarf. At first she hated it and said she would look like a baby in it but when I told her that head scarfs were all the rage with 5 year old girls she quickly changed her mind. One she saw how cute it looked she asked for more, girls!


April said...

Ooooo - I don't remember seeing this one at SM yet. So cute, Dawn! Love the new blogcolor again! :)

Dawn said...

Thanks April, I am testing out a few new looks for spring.

Amy said...

Sooo Cute!
I love the different fabrics.
You are so talented with putting fabrics together!


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