Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Storybook Princess

I just loved all of your ideas for which outfit I should do next in my "Fairy Tales" self-challenge. I loved the idea of all the princesses, The Princess and the Pea & Rapunzel. So, I decided to just make a "Storybook Princess" dress for Abby. I couldn't stop thinking about it last night and couldn't wait to get started on it this morning. I took some ideas from dresses I have seen in period movies and went from there. I used a beautiful pale orchid baby cord paired with some sheer fabric I had picked off the Walmart $1 table a while ago. I was always so curious to see what I would do with that fabric. It was so pretty and unusual. I just new it would come in handy someday. The dress has an empire waist, and an inset of the sheer fabric in the bodice to add a pretty effect. Big puffy sleeves and a delicate trim with tiny rosebuds and a bit of shimmer. The skirt is double layered with the sheer fabric underneath and showing in the front. Plus a white petticoat underneath.


MaryAnne said...

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You take my breath away again! I can't show Pip in case she wants me to make one like it!


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