Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Into The Woods

I had this idea of wanting to make some fun outfits for Abby based upon classic Fairy Tales. First up...Little Red Riding Hood. Abby just loves this story so she requested that we make this outfit first. I had some yummy forest green no-wale cord which made up into a sweet little twirl skirt, red and white gingham bloomers and top. Paired with a long sleeved white T and red tights. Then of course the cape, made from baby soft red cord and lined with white fleece. Abby fell in love with it from the moment she saw it and is now playing LRR with her brother...who of course is the BBW. Hmmm, I wonder which Fairy Tale I should do next...suggestions? Please challenge me with something fun!


Anonymous said...

How about nursery rhymes? Fairy tales have too many princesses! I was thinking "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary" or "Little Miss Muffet"....

Valinda said...

What about Rapunzel? Fairy tales do have a lot of princesses but what about their everyday / before they were princesses outfits?


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