Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday's Dessert

Tonight we are having Beef Bourguignon for dinner. If I could only add smells to my blog you would be in absolute heaven right now. It's absolutely intoxicating. Ole and the kids are all very impatient and continually asking me when we are having dinner. So for dessert I decided to make a traditional french dessert and because fall is in the air I made an apple tartatan. It looks pretty yummy, let's just hope it tastes as good. I am going to serve it with creme' fresh, but I'm telling the kids it's whipped cream!


Mary said...

What time is dinner? I'll be right over!

Dawn said...

Come on over!!! We have tons left over. Sometimes i get a little carried away when I am cooking and make way too much. We will be eating these left overs for several nights...It's a good thing it was really yummy!


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