Saturday, October 18, 2008


We've had a bit of a bumpy week with our homeschooling. Elliott was feeling a little too self-confident, and not in a good way. He decided to test the waters and refuse to cooperate. I was really at my wits end and needed to give myself a bit of a "time-out" and I called upon the wisdom of my friend Tiffeni. As always she was so supportive and knew exactly what to say to get me back on the right track. Knowing Elliott like she does, she suggested that we might give "Unschooling" at try. Which was quite funny because I had been reading about it just the night before our chat. The entire concept seems like a dream. No lesson planning, no defined cirriculum, no stress! Sounds fantastic!!! The concept is that you use the entire world as your classroom and you let your child be incharge of their own education. They learn about what they are currently interested in when they choose. Because kids are so naturally curious, it miraculously somehow works. My job is to see the signs and make sure he has all the tools he needs to explore that particular subject. Books, supplies, and experiences. With Elliott being so headstrong and "uber-smart" I think we are going to give this approach a try. I must confess, I am a little uneasy about it. The entire concept of putting a 6 year old in charge of his own education is a little scary. I feel like if I am not being proactive and planning things out for him, I am being a neglectful parent. So to start we may ease into it and do a little of both styles... a more traditonal style of homeschooling and "Unschooling". This really is such an amzing journey we are on, and although it's frustrating, and nerve wracking at times. I still know we are doing the best thing for Elliott!

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