Monday, July 28, 2014

A Very Special Package Is Getting Ready To Head Off To Australia

Oh boy have I been busy in the sewing room over the past few days! I am busy putting together a custom order that is going to be heading off to Australia in just a few days and I have been having so much fun. My little client is a size 2 so these are all itty-bitty and so sweet. I have a few more dresses to add  to the box but everything else is ready to go. But I have to tell you a great story. The mom sent me a photo of her daughter as a baby in the sweetest little knot dress and in her email to me she told me how very much she loved that little dress and how sad she was when it didn't fit her daughter anymore. Well, you know me. I love a challenge. I studied the picture and I even had one of the exact fabrics in the original and many other prints which were very similar. So, I decided to surprise her with a re-creation of the original but in a bigger size so that she could enjoy it again, btw it's the green one in the pictures! Needless to say when she saw the pictures she was overwhelmed with emotion and in her words she was "speechless". I was so happy to do it for her knowing that it would most likely make her really happy and it did!

I can't tell you how good it feels to be sewing again. It's been too long since I had endless hours in my sewing room with the sound of my machine humming and piles of fabrics set out for me to dream about. I will be quite sad when this order is filled and I have no little one to sew for anymore. I told my husband that it almost made me want to have another one. . . . ALMOST!



Laurie said...

How fun! It's great to see your projects again.

gibbygoo56 said...

Oh my! I adore each and every dress in the collection. What a beautiful job you've done. The styles, colors and patterns are delightful.


MaryAnn said...

I love seeing your dresses. These are all beautiful!

Jodi Honeyman said...

Dawn, please tell me you still sew dresses for little ones! These are the most beautiful and breathtaking dresses I've ever seen! You need to design your own line of clothing! Your talent is beyond words!


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