Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lots More Additions Added To Abby's Attic!

You just have to go take a peek at all the cute new things I have added to Abby's Attic Shop! There are even things in there that Abby never got to wear, such a pity because they are so sweet. She went through a huge growth spurt and it seemed like overnight she jumped 2 sizes! Now, believe it or not she doesn't have a single mama-made thing in her closet that fits her and she is not happy about it. I need to work on that. She has been requesting a maxi-dress and some "pretty summer tops and skirts". With her being so tall now we are extremely limited as to where we can shop and the "one" place that is very popular with the t'weens and teens that you all know what I am talking about, she simply hates. However, we did find a few basics in there that she did agree to, but it's not much. So, I need to dust off the sewing machine and get cracking to make my girl some things that she'll love. However, that means I need to clean out more goodies from her overflowing closet and make room for new pretties. So, pop over there and see all the treasures I have added and let me know if anything sparks your interest.

and so many more!!!!!!

Please email me if you have any questions . . .

1 comment:

Misty said...

My oldest doesn't like those stores either. She likes to dress up and to look nice. It's a shame that stores only cater to "grunge" after a certain age.


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