Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Challenge Day 11 - More Vintage Olabelhe

Today I decided to start digging deeper into the depths of the closets and as I started pulling out box after box and bag after bag of outfits I realized that this challenge of mine is going to take a REALLY long time, but that's okay. I am not kidding when I say there are hundreds of things that I am attempting to find new homes for. I had so much fun walking down memory lane today as I sat on the floor sifting through it all and remembering when I made it. But now my studio looks like WWIII and there are literally clothes stacked in piles everywhere and I'm thinking to myself "Oh, Wow. . .  this is A LOT of stuff!" Thank you to all of you who have been helping me make a dent in this mountain, but in all honestly we haven't even brushed the frost off on the tip of the iceberg.

Okay, onto today's offering. . . .

Oh, how I loved this little dress! So pretty and feminine but still lots of fun with the bright colors and such a beautiful floral print that makes this dress so special.

"Tea Roses in Teal"
Made from my "Annikka's Dress" pattern. 
This is the dress that is actually on the cover of the pattern that so many of you have purchased
 and enjoyed making so much. 
This one is all done in teal, aqua and shades of beautiful pinks. 

Size 5-6
asking $45.00 + shipping
all sales are final

Oh, I might even still have the tights as well. 
I will have to go digging to see if I can find them too!

If you have any questions of would like to purchase this dress
Please email me at

Thank You So Very Much!

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