Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sewing Withdrawal

It's been weeks since I touched my sewing machine and it was calling "come play with me!" So... I just couldn't resist any longer. After weeks of my brain filled with "school-stuff" I needed a serious creative sewing project. I decided to go poke around Pinterest for inspiration and of course there was no shortage of amazing eye candy to inspire. But the one thing that really caught my eye... and Abby's was  an adorable plush sheep that just screamed cuteness overload and Abby said"mommy you just have to make it!" Okay...a challenge, is just what I needed. I followed the link to see if their might be a pattern or a tutorial but to my surprise it was a Russian blog and google translate was little to no help. So, I decided to study the pics to see how it was made and then I just "winged-it". Mine of course pales in comparison but for a first attempt with no pattern, it's not too bad. But the best part is that my kids love it and said that she, who has yet to be named will be a great addition to our Valentine's Day decor. Hmmmm a V-Day Sheep. Why not!? Maybe I should have dressed her in more Easter type clothing. Oh, well I can always make another one. It was a really fun project and now the kids are begging me to make more fun things to add to our holiday decor. Holidays are kinda a big deal around here and they look forward to each and everyone we celebrate and there are a lot of them!!! 

After I posted this Abby decided to add a few little touches to make our little sheep even more prepared for Valentine's Day... I just Love what she made. Little love letters to tuck into the messenger bag and a string of paper hearts... perfect!

Here is a link to the website where I discovered this amazingly talented artist who inspired me to create this silly sheep who has captured our hearts. Her website is pure bliss and I spent a lot of time visiting and admiring her beautiful work. 

Now to get back into Christmas mode. the house is all decked out, shopping done, gifts made and wrapped. today we are planning to bake cookies and do a little school but we are winding down and gearing up for the big guy in red. Can you believe it's just a little more than a week away!!! 


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Ronda said...

Glad to see you on blog land! Your lamb is adorable!! sounds like a little sewing is good for the heart! Merry Christmas!


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