Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Emily" Grows Up or . . . . Abby vs. Her First, Possibly Last, Pair Of Jeans

Before I even begin this post I want to apologize for the awful photos! As you can clearly see Miss Abigail was NOT, and I do mean NOT HAPPY with me. I took over 200 pics of her in this outfit and honest to goodness these were the best of the bunch. I almost decided not to share these, but, because there is such a funny story that goes with it I decided to share them anyway. Lets see, where do I begin? Several weeks ago when I was planning which Olabelhe designs I wanted to add to Olabelhe 2 I knew this little top would be perfect, but I wanted to show "Emily" in a different way which would appeal to t'weens. I knew it would be stinkin' cute with a pair of jeans so I went out and bought Abby her very first pair of jeans...BIG MISTAKE on my part. When I got home with them and showed them to Abby she just about had a fit and said "I AM NOT WEARING THOSE! I HATE JEANS!!!" So, then I explained to her that she didn't have to wear them all the time. I just wanted her to wear them in some photos so that I could show everyone how sweet this top looks with jeans. Lets just say she was not having it. I laughed to myself and thought "Hmmmm from what I know just about every t'ween girl loves wearing jeans and most moms can't get them out of jeans and into anything else, and I have the exact opposite problem." Needless to say this photo shoot was a nightmare. She fussed and carried on like I was torturing her and you can tell from the pics she was not the least bit pleased with the whole thing. I got a real glimpse into what I've been hearing so much about from mom's about their daughters not wanting to wear certain things and it was not pretty. 

The good news is I think that "Emily" looks very cute and "t'weenie" paired up with jeans and a t-shirt with some funky sneakers tossed in. Perhaps your t'ween might like this look. Sadly, I'm pretty certain Abby will never ever wear this outfit again, at least not the jeans. I had better put them away and not mention them for a while. She much prefers her skirts and dresses over them, well, I suppose there could be a lot worse things to deal with. But the great news is "Emily" is going to be the next pattern added to Olabelhe 2 now with sizes up to 12! I have more photos to share with you of " Emily" over the next few days to excite and inspire you before I release the new pattern next week.

Anybody need a VERY gently used pair of girls jeans sized 12???? Just kidding!



Laurie said...

Emily is cute! Maybe you should have named this "Abby's only pair of jeans".

Heidi said...

So funny! My daughter hates jeans too! And I can't really blame be honest, I don't think they're all that comfortable either. Give me a dress or skirt to wear any day over jeans!

MaryAnn said...

Such a cute top and a funny story. I wish that my girls wouldn't wear jeans so much.

barb said...

Sweet top! No, jeans are not comfortable. Our granddaughters wouldn't wear them at age two already.


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