Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Emily" All Ready For Autumn

Ahhhhhh, these pics are much better! Amazing what a quick change of clothes can do for one's attitude. As soon as the jeans came off life was good again and Abby was back to herself and ready to get back to work. This time I made "Emily" out of some gorgeous fabric from Art Gallery that I had been hanging onto for just the right thing. We added a pair of shorts from Mini Boden ( these are from last year), a simple long sleeved T shirt and cute boots with knee socks and this turned into what I think is a fantastic outfit!!! Seriously, what t'ween wouldn't want to wear this one? Gosh, I'd wear this! I just think this look is so cute to the point where I am ready to order a few more pairs of these shorts and make a few more "Emily's" to go with them. Hmmm I wonder what other colors they come in???? I'm thinking a charcoal grey would be perfect. So, I just went over to Mini Boden to see what they have and this year they have made the shorts in yummy velvet and they have them in grey! Plus a few other gorgeous colors. Odd, they somehow jumped into the shopping cart. Isn't that amazing, and dangerous how that happens :  ). 


1 comment:

Rachel Proffitt said...

Things like shorts rarely jump into my cart... I have a really bad habit of saying "I can make those really easily"... and then doing nothing of the sort :o

It does look cute though :)


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