Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Patterns Coming Very Soon!

We are back from vacation, exhausted, tanned and filled with lots of precious new memories to cherish of time with my folks. Plus, a lot of funny stories which I'm sure we will laugh about for years to come. This past week while trying to re-coop from our trip I spent many, many hours in my studio putting the final touches on a bunch of new things I have been working on. I have lots of new patterns to debut for Olabelhe2 where I am now focusing most of my attention. These new patterns will be geared for our growing girls in sizes 6-12 who are wanting to be a bit more grown up. Here is a little sneak peek at one of my new designs , "Mikayla". Abby and I are both crazy in love with this skirt and I have already made a bunch of them for her in different fabrics while I was testing out this new design. I've made them in corduroy, denim, flannel, and quilters cotton and each of them is cuter than the next. Yes, I know this skirt is much shorter than I usually do but, this is what the t'weens are loving and it can be worn with leggings or tights underneath if you are concerned about the length or of course as with so many of my designs you can easily adjust the pattern to add an inch or so if you prefer. I was also thinking as I was making them up that this would be a great pattern to use for all of you who have your girls in schools which require a school uniform. I am honestly okay with this length, but Abby is wearing bike shorts underneath for discretion. "Mikayla" and many others will be arriving at Olabelhe within the next few weeks. So keep a close watch for news about new arrivals in the shop.



Linda Lee Steaples said...

Oh Dawn it's Beautiful and she is BEAUTIFUL in it!!!!! Can't wait to see them all.... Linda Lee

Colleen said...

I think my 10 year granddaughter would like this. I know I do. Her parents like her to wear skirts and dresses a little longer so I would add some length. would you mind telling me where you got the cute pink sweater. sarah likes pink too.

Dawn said...

Colleen, Thanks so much for your comment. I purchased the sweater sometime last spring and to be honest I can't remember where I got it from.

AllegroFabrics said...

Love this new design! Great job showcasing your mom's terrific new line, Miss Abby!
Linda, AllegroFabrics


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