Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just One More Mikayla For You....

This time we went for a really fun plaid which by the way is the hot thing this Fall and I just love plaid so I couldn't be happier, especially when you can find really cool plaids in great colors like this one! So, here is a really great story about these photos. We only have one cell phone in our family and it's basically just kept in the car for emergencies so, my kids really don't see us using them or have an interest themselves in them which I know is weird in itself, but hey, we are kinda strange that way around here. Anyway, when we were out taking pictures I noticed the phone in the car and I suggested to Abby that she use it in the photos and she said "why????" and I explained that most t'weens are really into phones and she asked "why?"...Needless to say that was a fun conversation. So, she agreed to "pretend" to use the phone to look more like a t'ween, but when I went to start taking pics I had to stop and show her how to open it and use it. I'm sure most kids know them inside and out but poor Abby was honestly baffled by the whole thing. My heart just filled up with happiness when I thought about how innocent she really is. Clueless about One Direction and Justin Bieber and when I asked her if she knew who Beyonce' was her response was "Who's Fiancee?"

I just love this little one . . . who's not quite so little anymore.



Rachel Proffitt said...

LOL I know the feeling! I had to explain some things to the kids. Like how it is not Justin BEAVER but Justin Bieber ;) DD has a Just Beaver T-shirt now because my Mum thought it was hilarious :p

Dawn said...

Hi Rachel, This is so funny! My daughter has a stuffed animal beaver and she named him Justin Beaver and my kids think this is just hysterical!

Rachel Proffitt said...

*I* think it is hilarious too LOL


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