Friday, April 19, 2013

Let The Auctions Begin!!

Today is the first day of my Spring Sample Sale and I have to say it was a very difficult decision to pick which dress would be the first to go up for auction. As I was digging through Abby’s closet I began to get a bit melancholy as a started pulling dresses out remembering sewing each one and then Abby and I going out to have special time together and taking the photos. I know this may sound a bit sappy, but in all honesty each of these garments has a story and memories that go along with it. Everything from choosing the fabrics to stitching each one together and seeing it come to life and then having Abby model it and the two of us having so much fun together. But alas, she has outgrown all of these and it’s time for them to find a new home and bring happiness to another little girl. So, for my very first selection I have chosen this bright and sunny dress made from my “Rebecca’s Sundress” pattern. I have to say, “I love the colors in this one!” Bright and cheerful and perfect for Summer. This dress was created with fabric from Kate Spain’s “Central Park” collection.

Opening Bid for this dress is $10.00
This auction will end at 9am EST on Saturday April 20, 2013

Another Dress has been added!!!!

Size 5
Fabrics - "Simply Sweet"

Opening Bid for this dress is $10.00
Auction will end at 12:00 pm EST on Saturday April 20, 2013

Please remember to read all the auction guidelines before bidding.

* Please understand that these are all one-of-a-kind, couture samples created by me in my studio. There is only one, and I will not be able to create any more in different sizes.

*All auctions will run for a set number of hours to give everyone an opportunity to bid on an item if they are interested. This includes all my International customers. 

* If you decide to bid on an item please bid only in $5.00 USD increments. This will make it easier for people to see the progress without having to scroll forever to get to the end. Please include your bid amount as well as your PayPal address.

* At the end of each auction I will send a PayPal invoice to the highest bidder and they will have 12 hours to send their payment in.

* I will only be accepting payment via PayPal for these auctions.

* If the highest bidder does not pay, it will then go to the next highest bidder and so on.

* All sales are final and I will not accept returns, so before you bid please make sure the it will fit the little girl you have in mind.

* Shipping will be an additional cost and I will be using USPS Flat rate mailing boxes to ship all items. I am happy to ship Internationally, but please keep in mind any and all fees associated with that are the buyers responsibility.

* If you have a question about an item please feel free to email me at and I will make every effort to answer you quickly to help in your decision making.

* A portion of each sale will go into a special fund and at the end of this event we will be sending a donation to the World Wildlife Fund in order to help in Abby's desire to save endangered animals.

* During this sales event most of the samples will be in the size 5- size 10 range and will vary daily so check back each day to see what's new.

Thank You!

To bid on these dresses please visit my Facebook page by clicking on the link below.

Happy Bidding!!

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