Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Contest Is Coming!!!

On the very last 
October night
 Little ghosts and goblins
give a fright.

Ringing door bells
and gathering treats.
While moms and dads
stand in the streets.

This year, what’s your little girls wish?
Who does she want to be?
There’s so many choices
Too many, if you ask me!

Does she dream about the girl with the hair
In the tower?
Or maybe a scary old witch
 with some magical power?

Maybe she’s a swashbuckling pirate 
on the seven seas.
Or a woodland fairy
who lives high in the trees.

Perhaps, a fair maiden 
from a far away land.
Or a gypsy in a caravan 
crossing the hot desert sand.

That little girl in the woods
who finds a house made of sweets.
Or the other one wearing a red cape,
who was delivering treats.

Bo Peep tending her sheep 
or the bear’s friend Goldilocks.
Or that crazy girl in Sweden 
with her mixed up pairs of socks.

There are so many fun and clever ideas
and Halloween is just weeks away.
It’s time for Moms and Grandma’s
to get out their machines and play.

So gather your fabrics, 
sequins and glue gun.
It’s time for us
 to have lots of fun.

You guessed it! 
A new contest is coming,
and this one is great!!!
More details to follow
I bet you can’t wait!

Not to worry, I am not planning on giving up my day job to become a poet!
Stay tuned for contest details to be announced
early next week.


1 comment:

Rachel Proffitt said...

Mine has decided that she wants to be the Yvonne Craig Batgirl. I'm still pondering how to do that one ;)


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