Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Mia" Modeled, Band-Aids And All!

In preparation for the release of two new patterns this week I thought I would share a few more photos of Abby modeling "Mia". This little top was inspired by my "Olivia's Dress" pattern. If you remember way back during the contest I was having fun experimenting too. I decided to try changing it up and making it into a top that would look cute with pants, leggings or a skirt, or even jeans! When I blogged about that version I received a flood of emails with lots of requests for the instructions for how to do it. Hence, the birth of "Mia". In these photos Abby is wearing "Mia" with my "Erin's Skirt" pattern and I have to say I really like these two together and I can easily see this as a really fun party look! Minus the band-Aids of course. I thought about photo shopping them out but then I thought there was something kind of endearing about them. Plus, it's truly Abby! My little girly-girl who loves to catch bugs, climb trees and wear pretty clothes. She always has at least one band-aid on her somewhere. It's just part of childhood and soon I will not be having to put several boxes of these magical medicinal adhesive strips into my shopping cart each week and I think I will actually miss it. Do you go through tons of these things at your house too? Okay, I'm getting sidetracked. . ."Squirrel". . .

"Mia" will be in the shop this week and ready to be sewn into an adorable creation for your little girl handmade by you!


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