Monday, August 27, 2012

A New Possibility???

While poking around on Pinterest I spotted a cute little dress the other day that inspired me. So, with my insomnia in full swing I was up in the middle of the night in my studio experimenting once again. I think this little dress has potential, but, I can see where it also needs a little work to make it just right. As  I stumble around in this new world of "tween" fashion I am trying to come up with fun clothes that are still age appropriate and not too revealing . .  and I know you know what I mean! Anyway, these pics were too cute not to show. Especially the last pic with Abby talking to the birds. I am going to make a few little changes here and there with this dress and I'll keep you posted if it's a keeper or not. Abby and I were agreeing that we thought this is something that girls might like especially if the could mix and match it with fun tights, funky leggings and their favorite accessories. Plus, I love the fact that this dress is one of the few that you could actually very successfully use some of those big oversized prints with. What do you think?



Cheryl said...

Dawn, I think with a few minor tweaks this is a great addition to a wardrobe. I'd be tempted to round the edges of the shoulder straps and shape the bodice band in the center front. Also, maybe make the dress a little slimmer.

BTW: LOVE your daughter in the hat! I've never cared for the large bows on girls; they look out-of-place to me and like a "growth" on a head, but I'm from good ole' conservative Boston where we don't see bows a lot like in the Southern states.

Love your patterns and work and the new Mia too! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

Debbie B said...

This one has lot of potential!! Featherweight corduroy in the trendy large prints would be darling for wnter. You could also add more ruffles or gathered tiers to the skirt if you use smaller prints. Cute pattern.

samanthasmom said...

When a dress or jumper has straps, I like them to button to the inside so that I can add some inconspicuous grow length to them. But that's a change I would feel very comfortable making on my own if you leave the pattern as you have it now.

Rebecca Galla said...

I really like this one! Although, like samamnthasmom, I'd prefer the straps to button on the inside.

Unknown said...

Love, love, LOVE it!! So much potential.
Perhaps a bit deeper in the bodice piece?
LOVE the hat and boots!! PLEASE print this pattern - need to make it! :)


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