Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Sorry I've been so quiet for the past few days. As most of you know I absolutely hate the heat and this past week has been just unbearable! With temps soaring into the triple digits, heat advisories all mixed with really intense T-storms and tornado warnings we have all been hibernating inside. After recovering from the contractor fiasco we've decided to finish the kitchen ourselves so there have been many trips to Home Depot to purchase tools and also time spent researching. Ole took a few weeks of vacation time to work on getting our kitchen back on the road to recovery. Our new home school curriculums arrived the other day and the kids and I have been busy playing with all of these beautiful new books and materials. I've also been in the studio and I've made up a bunch of cute things to show off. Sadly, I can't even begin to think of dragging poor Abby out in this weather for a photo shoot. We would both melt within minutes. So for now, pics will have to wait and fingers crossed that the heat wave ends soon. That's about it for now. Hope you are all staying cool.


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Laurie said...

Dawn, I'm glad to hear from you. I know what it is to live with a house out of order.

I keep thinking, they got the sewing room right, why was the kitchen so tough? For just the reasons you stated, my husband and I have done a lot of projects our selves.

Stay cool, keep on sewing through the heat. I'm hearing this wave may pass during the weekend.


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