Saturday, May 12, 2012

What's Behind Curtain No.1?

Lots and lots of changes going on here and we are all really curious as to what it's all going to look like when it's all done. Yesterday the drywall guys were here repairing all the damaged walls and helping us make a few changes. After we got over the initial shock of all the damage that had been done by our roof leak and we began to imagine the possibilities. We decided not only to do some upgrading but also to make some big changes in my office as well as in the kitchen. As you can see Abby and Henry were completely fascinated watching the workmen yesterday. They both stretched out on the floor and watched every step of the way. Yesterday's homeschool lesson "Drywall 101"! I have to say, we have been so fortunate to have a wonderful team of guys working on our house. They have been super with my kids and have been giving them the 411 on what they are doing. Last week they learned about framing and how to run electrical wiring and install outlets and move switches along with replacing insulation and drywalling. Oh and let's not forget "Watch mommy get angry with people at the appliance store" and "How to not get bullied by clueless sales people"! Next week will be even more exciting with lots of new lessons. It's all starting to come together and I cannot wait to see the final results. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!



Laurie said...

Oh Dawn, you were concerned about home schooling! It has come to you! I get to "learn" these things at my house too. Today is garden lesson 1,000,7000. lol

I'm glad to hear things are progressing well.

Happy Mothers Day to you

Imaan said...

How on earth do you manage to homeschool AND sew and be a mum, wife etctetcetc???? Please share tips!!!

Ayu Maselli said...

Hello Dearest Dawn,

Happy Mother's Day to you!


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